As each of our clients have inherently different internal cultures and value systems we are committed to a total solutions approach which allows us to align ourselves with the individuality of each of our clients’ needs. Simultaneously, in our dealings with each customer, it is our core objective to become the “benchmark” service provider against which our clients compare the services of other recruitment agencies.


We adopt a personalized approach to recruiting, preferring to send out fewer, yet more qualified CVs. We like to understand our candidate’s particular strengths and skills as well as their development areas before we present a CV to a client. A strong, personal relationship between our recruitment consultants, the candidate and the client promotes a higher likelihood of a successful placement.  


The AFRICAN DREAM STAFFING SOLUTIONS (PTY) LTD. teams are relationship builders and strive to establish business partnerships with our clients that enable us to intuitively understand and equip ourselves with enough information to effectively and efficiently satisfy all our clients’ needs. Our aim is for our clients to regard us as a partner in their growth process, counting on us and our comprehensive and result orientated approach, to respond to their unique business needs.  


We believe that we have evolved to represent the next generation of recruitment firm by virtue of our ability to respond to our clients needs immediately, judiciously and with the utmost confidentiality. We set high standards for ourselves, which reflects in the service and care we give to our clients. Our service goes beyond a comprehensive recruitment delivery process. We are in the solutions business and focus on adding value at all times when doing business with our customers.


African Dream Staffing Solutions & Companies have been in the staffing and recruitment business for over 3 decades, and have evidenced the successful placement of many candidates throughout South Africa. Our specialist operations and payroll teams administer and manage contingent employees across national locations. Let us ensure your flexibility continuum locally with our specialist outsourced recruitment and management services.  We listen, get to know your business and find the best staffing solutions for you.

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African Dream Staffing Solutions go above and beyond our clients expectations through our rigorous screening of all candidates.

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